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residential, commercial, and industrial Lighting Services

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Offering the Best Brands in Lighting

Fountain Valley Electrical offers lighting installation services and serves residential, commercial and industrial customers in Colorado Springs, Colorado and surrounding areas. We offer a variety of products from Thomas Lighting, Forecast, Elite, Consumer Luminaries, and Trans Globe Lighting:

Lighting Fixtures
Lighting Appliances
Indoor / Outdoor Lighting
Safety Lighting
Security Lighting
Art Lighting
Lighting Maintenance
Lighting - Energy Saving Solutions
Club Lighting
Track Lighting
Pole Lighting
Xenon Lamps
Light Boxes
Light Bulbs - Energy Efficient
Low Voltage Lighting
Industrial Lighting
Ceiling Fixtures
Contemporary Lighting
Custom Lighting Fixtures
Emergency Lighting
Grow Lights
High Intensity Discharge Lighting
Incandescent Light Bulbs
Lamp Posts
Stage Lighting
Strobe Lighting
Wall Fixtures
Recessed Lighting
Special Event Lighting
Projector Lamps

Professional Electrical Services Including Lighting Sales, Installations, and Repairs

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